marți, 8 ianuarie 2013

H&M strange haine vechi/H&M collects old clothing

H&M a venit cu o idee foarte tare! Din februarie vor strange haine vechi de la clienti si dau vouchere in schimb. In acest fel si fashionistele care se agata cu ultima suflare de haine vor fi animate sa participe si sa recicleze ;))
Sunt curioasa ce impact va avea acest program si cat de mare va fi valoarea voucherului. Indiferent de rezultat mi se pare o idee faina si originala.
Asa ca, doamnelor... la curatenie din timp pentru ca vor fi decizii grele de facut! :-D

H&M has a great idea! Starting with february they will collect old clothing from the clients and give vouchers in exchange. This way even those fashionistas who just couldn't let go of their clothes will be encouraged to participate an recycle ;))
I am curious of the impact this program will have and how much the voucher will be worth. Regardless of the result, I consider it a great an original idea.
So ladies...let the cleaning begin! There are going to be some hard decisions to make :-D

Aerosmith - Rag doll
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