duminică, 27 ianuarie 2013

Cold outside

Mda...e adevarat ca in ultima perioada traiesc aproape in paltonul si pantalonii acestia.... cred ca e si din cauza ca sunt tot timpul pe cuier si/sau pe scaun si ma trezesc MULT prea de dimineata ca sa mai am chef de cautat prin haine.

Fularul e facut de mine :-D si pot sa fac la comanda si alte culori. Fularul e 40 lei.

Hmm...I guess it is true that lately I basically live in these pants and coat...I think it's because I can always find them on the hanger and/or seat and I wake up WAY too early and I'm not in the mood to search for clothes.

I made the scarf :-D and I can do it on other colors aswell. The scarf costs 10 euro.

Coat - Roxy
Hat - custom made
Scarf - made by me
Jeggings - Next
Boots - thrift

TOM JONES and CERYS MATTHEWS - Baby, It's Cold Outside
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