luni, 28 ianuarie 2013

First vernisaj EVER! :D

Am fost la primul vernisaj din viata mea si am fost foarte incantata!

I went to my first EVER vernisaj and I was thrilled!

Acesta a fost tabloul meu preferat

This was my favorite painting

Acestia sunt artistii 

These are the painters 

Tinuta mea:

My outfit:

lol in mod evident nu ma simt in largul meu pozand in fata mai multor oameni ;))

lol I definitely don't feel comfortable posing in front of a bunch of people ;))

 aceste poze au fost facute acasa :))

these pictures were taken home :))

shirt - thrifted
boots - 
belt - no name
skirt - made by me :-D (will put a tutorial on it soon) 

Fata din vis - Compact
 Asculta  mai multe  audio   diverse

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